For Our Teams

The SWIMshop offers swim team fittings for teams of 100+ in the Greater Atlanta Area and Savannah,

Georgia, parts of the Carolinas and Tennessee.

One of our swim team specialists will

drive to your team facility, outfit the team and accept individual payments.

Your team specialist may return closer to the start of your season to deliver late team orders.

We bring a mini pop-up store to every fitting. 

 Our SWIMshop Team Specialists

Atlanta and Georgia

Terry Gill

Atlanta and Georgia

Kim Brown

Not in the Area - No Problem - We'll Send a Fitter Set

SWIMshop Fitter Set Information

Consult with a Team Specialist for your team's suit.

We offer free shipping on swim team fitter sets and a 35% discount off retail price.
The fitter set is fully refundable if returned within 2 weeks.
Team orders of 48+ suits are shipped in the 50 states for FREE.
We'll even send postage to send the fitter back to us.
We can set up a website just for your team members to purchase their team swimsuit.
Call 1-800-742-8218 or for more information.

Team Suits by Color

We made a customized catalog by color for the brands we offer to make your swim team's suit selection a less painless process.

 Please consult with a team specialist for the most up-to-date information.

Red Team Suits

Spring 2017

Yellow Team Suits

Spring 2017

Green Team Suits

Spring 2017

Navy, Red and White Team Suits

Spring 2017

Blue Team Suits

Spring 2017

Purple Team Suits

Spring 2017

Other SWIMshop Services and

Swim Team Customizations

Consult with a Team Specialist for Additional Information.

Custom Team Suits

Have us put the swim team's logo on each team suit to make the

team swim as one.

Need Swim Caps

Unite the team with a custom swim cap designed in team colors, team logo with even their name.

Swim Accessories

We also have goggles, practice suits at a discounted price and swim accessories, available through a team's online store.

SWIMshop also Offers

SWIMshop Price List

Custom Team Items

Custom Team Price List

Swimteam Spiritwear

Q custom Swimsuits

Q 2011 pricing

custom designs 2011

Affiliate Program

For those who want to use on-line team purchases as a fundraiser, we offer an affiliate program.

Contact Terry for more information.